Sainte-Mère-Église Wendy Belle La Rousse

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Raoul Kunz
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Sainte-Mère-Église Wendy Belle La Rousse

Post by Raoul Kunz »

And now for something completely different :lol: ....

Here we have a La Rousse beer by the Sainte-Mère-Église craft beer micro brewery given to me as a souvenir by Philipp.


Now on to the review, first step: preparing the subject =>

The beer has a clear coppery-reddish colour (surprise here... ;) ) and forms a ever so slightly "buff" coloured head that collapsed fairly quickly.
I has a slightly sour, fruity aroma with only a fairly mild bitterness. Generally speaking it tastes quite sweet and has a very clear consistency, nothing malty here.
Towards the finish we get slightly sour notes which make this a definitely refreshing one.

Other totally important facts:

6% alcohol
French lingo all over the place - my French is something between pathetic and non-existent :oops: :lol:
Sexy nose-art pin-up design
Looks nice when placed in modelling context


This is not to be taken seriously in the least - the assessments and language thereof are me doing an impression of my dear lady mother and her partner, terrible wine snobs both who will utilize their high class lingo to rate pretty much anything they drink... I suppose they would make statement like this about discount super market cola... :lol:

Still, it was a nice beer and I stand behind the truth of my assessment, even if uttered in a the habitus of parody ;) .

Best regards

Raoul G. Kunz
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Philipp Gross
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Re: Sainte-Mère-Église Wendy Belle La Rousse

Post by Philipp Gross »

Prost :lol:

Glad you like it!

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