FIGURES a quest for 2015

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Re: FIGURES a quest for 2015

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Thanks chaps

I appreciate the feedback,

Vlad, its been 45 years since I painted Airfix Napoleonic figures in Humbrol gloss enamels ;)

Fond memories of childhood war gaming 8-)

Never got to 3000, but I still have a substantial bag of cavalry in the garage still to be painted :oops:

I loved using the blue John, it is more responsive than standard flesh, I have kept the mixes I made, and may do some War Hammer Ultra Marines ;)

Thanks Raoul,my photography is rubbish, we really could do with a sister site to help the camera incompetent, to improve their photos :roll:

I guess it would create the dichotomy on your budget though, as I guess it requires a serious investment to improve?

I took these in more natural light

Thanks again

Steve H
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