8 years of war!

German, Japanese, Hungarian, Italian, etc
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Steve Hutchinson
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8 years of war!

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As it happens this is something to reflect on,


8 years of war based development of tanks in Germany.

I guess a King Tiger would have been the ultimate for the right but a Sturm Tiger does make the point

I always though it would be a great diorama with a Pz I A loading a KT with ammo,
but never really got much further than a thought

This just appeared on my desk after primer.

Cool or what :roll: :roll: 8-)

Its been a slow week :lol:


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Philipp Gross
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Re: 8 years of war!

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Yep, war has interesting effects on technology... Ensuring the total destruction of your enemy seems the quickest way to mobilize all available powers to research and development. I wish we'd do that for other reasons as well...

The technological development is even more extreme with aircraft. This was the best German fighter during Spain:

And this in 1945:

Meanwhile ballistic missiles went down over London, Antwerp and elsewhere that went through space on the way to their target....

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