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BRDM NBC (Early)

Posted: 17 Sep 2015, 11:00
by Gary Boxall
Another BRDM for the gallery. This time it's an NBC version from the workbench of Rob Matthews...


Full set of pics here.


Re: BRDM NBC (Early)

Posted: 20 Sep 2015, 19:24
by Shawn Ramsey
I can't believe nobody has commented on this yet.

Well I will do the honors. ;)

It really is well done Rob. Everything from the construction to the painting. I know you had fun with this one so its makes it even better.

I really enjoy following your builds even if it is post WW2 subjects. :roll: :lol:


Re: BRDM NBC (Early)

Posted: 20 Sep 2015, 19:50
by Philipp Gross
Sorry about that, got confused by the massive number of BRDMs finished during the last days :oops: :P :lol:

It's a definite masterpiece, beautifully executed from start to finish. And yes, it definitely makes one more acceptable of Cold War armour :mrgreen:


Re: BRDM NBC (Early)

Posted: 20 Sep 2015, 20:14
by Chris Smith
Fantastic Rob, I really love it :D :D Figure is a nice touch to round it off.