A return to duty

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Gary Boxall
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A return to duty

Post by Gary Boxall »

Matt Parvis is returning to duty - even if it's not to armour....


Full set of pics here.

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Justin Wooding
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Re: A return to duty

Post by Justin Wooding »

Nice Matt!

Are the markings of the Fw-190 belong to a pilot of any fame, or have you just built a generic scene?

Does the pilot come with the walking stick, or is that your ingenious story telling? :)

Trying hard to do some modeling!

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Rob Matthews
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Re: A return to duty

Post by Rob Matthews »

Cracking scene, especially the Figures Mr P. See what you mean by ICM :shock:

Nice work all round 8-)

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Matt Parvis
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Re: A return to duty

Post by Matt Parvis »

Woody, he comes with the walking stick.

Rob, thanks.


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Philipp Gross
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Re: A return to duty

Post by Philipp Gross »

Updated for the main page. I really need to get more of the older ones back up :oops:

I had to edit out the naughty symbols on the plane thanks to German law, I hope you're ok with that Matt :?

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