Review: Bolddivision BD35020 Boy

A look at Bolddivision’s new civilian resin figure…

Bolddivision is a relatively new company from Leipzig, Germany that already has gained a certain reputation as a supplier of interesting resin conversions and various other useful things for the 1/35 modeller. Their range of figures is as of yet not very large, but has been expanded recently with this interesting new release.

Civilian figures and especially children are a rare sight even among more established producers of figure kits, so I was happy to come across this set. As can be seen from the picture above, the figure comes safely enclosed in a sturdy plastic box and is also wrapped in a small plastic bag for some extra cushioning. The whole figure is moulded as a single part, attached to a large casting base:

The figure depicts a sitting, prepubescent boy with European features wearing a coat, possibly slightly too large, as well as short trousers, boots and thick woolen socks. The haircut is of no particular fashion, but certainly acceptable for the first half of the 20th century. The overall sculpting and moulding quality is outstanding. It also nicely captures the different proportions of a child compared to an adult, something many sculptors seem to have problems with.

However, there is a fairly substantial mould seam running along the left leg. It doesn’t obstruct any detail and should be easy to remove with a sharp blade.

With extreme magnification you’ll notice the fine traces of a 3D printer. I didn’t see any of it until I examined the photos at full resolution. There are some minor imperfections on the face as well, but these could be easily painted to represent injuries, sickness or whatever else a child might encounter during a war.

A few more views:

So, what do I think?

This is indeed a very nice little figure that can be used in a wide range of settings. The overall quality is impressive and the lack of assembly makes it as easy as it can possibly be. In the hands of a skilled painter it should be the focus of attention on any diorama.

Bolddivision products are available directly over the company website.