Review: Meng WWT-006 World War Toons T-34/76

Bored of your usual T-34 kits? Adam Durrant might have something for you…

I’ve never played the game but I have seen reviews of the first couple of Meng Models “Toon” tanks (Sherman and Tiger I) so bought this as a stocking filler a while back. Looked like it would be a nice quick build where I could focus on the fun aspect of our hobby rather than counting rivets and adding aftermarket extras :D

Details : Meng Models Kit WWT-006

The kit arrives in a sturdy little side opening box with the usual WWT box art on the top and some info about the game on the back (World of Toons is a game released by the games studio Roqovan).

Inside are four sprues (A, B and 2xC) with a separate hull tub, set of rubber band tracks, a small decal sheet and a full colour instruction booklet.

Details appear crisp. There is a small amount of flash on some of the parts, but in places it is quite pronounced around the locating pins. Mould lines are fine and should clean up with a few passes of the sanding stick where necessary.

The main gun tube is hollow at the muzzle end for a couple of millimetres and could be drilled out if desired or a drop of black paint will simulate depth. The hull MG has a solid barrel and will benefit from a few twists of a fine drill bit.

The tracks are a continuous loop with no sign of a join. Detail on the outside surface is nice, but they are smooth on the inner surface with an outer lip to stop the kit throwing them off (wheels are fully workable, I suspect this kit is mainly designed as a toy).

The instruction manual is clear. There are 9 steps and the steps are laid out as 3D graphics. The build sequence is logical and the instructions are in several languages. The kit is designed to snap/press fit together, which is great if you are a novice builder or building this as a toy. Its a bit frustrating for those of us who like to dry fit parts as the fit is so tight it is difficult to get the bits apart again without damage.

Colours need are “Russian Green-1”, silver, steel, red and burnt red. References are given for the Meng range of AK Interactive paints and for the Acrysion brand of acrylics.

The decal sheet is small and offers a limited number of markings. My set are printed in register and the carrier film appears to be thin.

Overall it should be a nice quick build of an interesting little tank. Only down side is there is no figure, my understanding is that World War Toons has characters and one of those could have been included such as “Olga” who appears on the box and instruction manual art. The very characteristic T-34 tow cables are also missing but could be scratch built pretty easily as scale is not really an issue here!

Not a kit for the rivet counters out there, but for those of you who want to let your artistic flare loose this this is for you. There are plenty of builds of some of the earlier Toon releases on the net that could serve to wet you appetite :D

My brief build review can be found here.