Review: Trumpeter 00432 German Anti-Aircraft Gun Crew

Review by Philipp Gross

This figure set was released by Trumpeter in 2014. It depicts four German Heer soldiers, three of them in fairly relaxed poses reading mail with a fourth watching the horizon for enemies – or whatever else might be worth watching. This of course means that they are suitable for a wide range of scenarios and not just as an AA crew as the title indicates. It should be noted that it only contains the figures and not the various ammo boxes seen on the boxart. The rear side contains rudimentary painting informations with a parts map and colour references for Vallejo, Model Master, Tamiya and Humbrol.

Parts breakdown is fairly standard with head, torso, arms and legs, and two figures even have separate boots to allow for some variation in posing, depending on needs. Three are dressed in the standard M40 tunic while one is just wearing his shirt with suspenders visible.

Moulding quality is good, with almost no flash and no sink marks.

In the past Trumpeter figures had a reputation for being poor quality with strange proportions. While this set shows some improvements, regrettably it’s still not quite up to standard compared to other manufacturers. The overall detail on the bodies is well defined but could use a little improvement through rescribing with a sharp blade. The heads might look okay with proper painting, but replacing them with better detailed resin heads might be the better option. The main selling point for these however are the relaxed poses and the possibility to use them in a wide range of scenarios. With a little extra work by a skilled modeller they should look the part.